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August 7, 2011
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Creative Commons License
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Kotoko Suite v4.3.1 -MultLang- by FaradeyUA Kotoko Suite v4.3.1 -MultLang- by FaradeyUA

Kotoko Suite 4.3.1 (english | русский | українська | 中文)

- (На Русском) более подробно о релизе можно почитать здесь -
Happy Holidays to ALL!!!
This is my gift for you :)

Q: How to Install?
A: Double click on file you just downloaded to install

Before you start to use skins, you need to configure them, use Variables Tool which should pop up on first run when you install. Or you can launch it manually by clicking on "Variables" button from Configuration Tool

!!! Rainmeter 2.2 build 1084 or newer highly required!!!
- Tested on v 2.2 beta 1084r (64bit)

Major features of new version

- Hight quality graphics.
- Hight range of performance and functionality.
- Animated (some of skins are fully animated).
- Fully Resizable skins.
- Full support of Cyrillic characters in media player.
- Wheel mouse control (volume change, scrolling pics in slideshow and other).
- Automatically suits to your system configuration.
- User friendly Setting Tool and Tool for changing variables.
- Notifications of new mails and updates in RSS feeds + more...
- A lot of options for customize the look of suite as you want
...and a lot of other things which i can't remember now (lol)

Note: 90% of all apps (.exe) which are included in suite i wrote myself so i guaranty you that they are clean! any questions and proof can be given personal!

After installing be free to use Configuration Tool and customize your own theme style as you want and as you like

Tip: Each skin has ToolTips, thus you can easily to know what it can and what it does :)
Tip: If you want to disable sounds in suite then just disable option Notification, look at screenshot [link]

To see Suite in action
(v4.3) Video is here (YouTube HD) --> [link]
(v4.0), use previews
1st Preview "Black Style" ||| 2nd Preview "White Style"

------------------- Please test and comment :+fav: or give me Llama if you liked my work -------------------

Easy to Configure, to use and highly functional Suite. Many skins has their own buttons to fast configure and use. Look at Tool Tips to know how to use...
Goes with 7 styles (Completely new design ).You can change a color theme, load/unload skins using and many other thing through Kotoko Configuration Tool. For changing Variables use Edit Variables Tool (can be loaded from tool, above)

New design.
New improved user friendly interface
Wide variety of setting and features
A lot of performance improvements.
Minimalistic and in the same time very practical skins
No need to edit skins manually, all can be done through configuration tools
Tool Tips to help you understand how thing are working
At this moment it supports 4 languages
And much more other things...

Works well in all resolution

Change Log: (4.3.1)
fixed (bugs, problems):
:bulletpurple: when, deviant Art statistic of today's pageviews count keeps rising and not resets
:bulletpurple: changing language action fails on Variables Tool
:bulletpurple: increased password input box width in Variables Tool to fit long passwords of your mail. (that actually may cause cut-down of string if your password would be too (too^2 ;) long)
:bulletpurple: user picture in KotokoConfigurationTool4.0.ini
:bulletpurple: version update check in KotokoConfigurationTool4.0.ini
:bulletpurple: problem with maximum number of discs in Variables Tool
:bulletpurple: Yandex mail files were not properly loaded
:bulletpurple: Edit Variables tool: location was not properly saved thus list of location on start up unable to load.
:bulletpurple: slightly changed the behavior of notifications area
:bulletpurple: changed notification sounds (softer and better)
:bulletpurple: System Monitor, when cores and discs number was more then 4
:bulletpurple: missing of option, to remove/show Deviant Art stats icon from Taskbar skin
:bulletpurple: Kotoko Youtube (for support latest flash features)
:bulletpurple: Settings in Taskbar skin
:bulletpurple: syntax mistakes
:bulletpurple: some minor fixes
:bulletpurple: Anime Radio skin
:bulletpurple: Tool for wheel control (better handling)
:bulletpurple: design in some styles
:bulletpurple: System Monitor
:bulletpurple: Taskbar skin to 1.5.1 (some UI tweaks)
:bulletpurple: Edit Variables Tool to v.2.1
:bulletpurple: database of locations (Gismeteo servise)
:bulletpurple: feature to easy edit setting in FolderInfo skin (change path {folder&file supported}, icon, icon size)
:bulletpurple: some error handling in various skins
:bulletpurple: slider volume control in Taskbar skin
:bulletpurple: feature to choose country for Google News (from Edit Variables Tool)
:bulletpurple: feed (in Taskbar skin) for russian/ukrainian
:bulletpurple: missing files from suite, such as pics, bg, inc (sometimes i'm very clumsy ;))
:bulletpurple: database of locations (for
:bulletpurple: minor fixes in localization

Change Log: (4.3) На русском
- Added function for resizing skins
- A lot of system performance changes has been done
-Added utility for making screenshots (in Taskbar.ini)
..full change log will be added after holidays)

Change Log: (4.2.1 hotfix)
-fixed few bugs in Anime Radio and in PicsSlideShow
- changed process of applying changes in KotokoConfigurationTool4.0.ini
-fixed bug with radio in TaskBar.ini

If you have NOD 32 Antvirus Installed and got problems (freezing) with this skin or other skin, try to add to exclusions in antivirus options:
- Path to Rainmeter.exe
- Path to Rainmeter.ini
- Path to rainmeter Skins folder (or Kotoko Suite folder)

This is a basic list of skins/configs in suite and some comments on each (below not describes all, it will be a lot of text if to make proper describing for each component of suite):

:bulletblue: Configuration Tool (v4.0)
- With this tool you can easily activate and deactivate each skin by one click, change Font and Language, on/off variety of settings . Also you can change the style and color theme of Kotoko suite. There are 5 styles: Kotoko , Black (default) , White , Glass, Soft,
You can pick the color of style as you want with color picker. And that is not all :). You can tint your background and icons using color picker...oh and tint can be transparent... :)

:bulletblue: Auto Task
Works like countdown timer. You can set time and task what should be done after elapsing desired (selected) time. If you didn't set task then it will only alarm sound. you can change it also by replacing original with yours, only filename should be same!

:bulletblue: Calendar Note
- Usual Calendar with one handy feature :) You can make your notes on each day and calendar will remind you about your note (if you turn on this option)
- 2 styles: Line and Normal

:bulletblue: EarthQuake
Originally made and permission for adding was kindly granted by maminscris. Pictures loads from site.

:bulletblue: RSS Reader
- 4 in 1 Feeds (RSS & ATOM)
- auto scroll and notify about updates (if "Notification" option is enabled)

:bulletblue: Media Control (it can)
- Alows to controls all what can be possible to control through NowPlaying plugin made by poiru
- Two styles. Amphiton and Classic
- Lots of media players supported (read note)
- ID3 Support
- Cyrillic and hieroglyphics characters supported
- Full search of album covers! (not only in ID3 tags)
- Mouse Wheel to change volume, or through bar

:bulletblue: SlideShow
- DeviantArt/Flickr/National Geographic now all in one Slide Show (newest/popular/your url)
- Folder Slide Show
- You can change the size and style of window easily, apply wallpaper automatically and manual and more other things. Use Tool Tips to know more.
- Mouse Wheel to scroll images
- Thumbnail option
- and lots of other options
:bulletblue: System UpTime

:bulletblue: Recycler Bin
- Measure bin and clean on click

:bulletblue: Notes

:bulletblue: Anime Radio (v.1.5.1)
~ Change Log v.1.5.1 ~
- Changed and added backgrounds (for best fit with Kotoko Suite)
- Fixed problems with some radio stations when they updated their source code.
- Fixed some bugs
- and some minor changes

:bulletblue: Zakladka
(Left and Right sides the arrow to change )
- Battary
- Gmail
- Wi-Fi (i don't have wi-fi on my system. Used poirus' code with some additions )
- Volume Changer + mini-launcher | one for Windows 7| and one for other system OS

:bulletblue: TaskBar
~ With this you'll get ~

Mail, Battery, Weather, Wi-Fi, Volume Value control (win7 only), Media Control, Network Info, System Resources Info, Temperatures, CD Rom Control, Search Bar (+cmd line), Radio, Settings, Launcher, Clock, Notification area, and other features...

- :pointr: YouTube Feed
You can trace which video was:
"Most viewed today"
"Most viewed this Month"
"Most Recent"
"Most Favorites"
You can watch videos on your desktop. ;)

:pointr: DeviantArt Feed

Here You can trace what was:
"Popular" on DA
"Latest Rainmeter Skin"
"One custom feed" (edit variables in configs)

:pointr: Flickr Feed

Using this you'll get:
"Group pool"
"Friends' Feed "
"Favorite photos feed"

:pointr: Google News
Shows News using Google service (Big thanks to Google for this)
(edit variables in configs)

:pointr: 3 costume feeds
(edit variables in configs)

:pointr: SystemInfo
Enhanced system info :)

:pointr: Radio
You can listen to your favorite stations on your desktop
Now it easy to customize and edit stations. Have Fun!!!

- Shutdown, Reload, Lock, Sleep etc. buttons

:bulletblue: Clock
- Mini clock
- TimeDate (Big clock)
- TextClock (Vertical)
- Text Clock Text (Vertical)
- TextClock (Horizontal)

:bulletblue: Folder Info
Shows size and number of folders in dir
Thanks to elestel

:bulletblue: Weather
- (this option visible only for рус/укр (rus/ukr) languages, edit variables to choose service, in configs)

:bulletblue: Launchers
- Left/Right side. For programs (customizable )
- Left/Right side. For folders (customizable )
- Dock (customizable). It can Maximize or Minimize window depending of their state and show indicator of currently loaded applications

:bulletblue: System Monitor

:bulletblue: Edit Variables Tool (2.2)
Tool for setting variables. Can be loaded from KotokoConfigurationTool Skin by clicking on "Variables" button.

!!! Don't forget to edit variables if you not using Windows 7. Use Edit Variables Tool!

Credit to:
~ jsmorley [link] for RainRadio inspiration.
~ Kenz0 (not on DA) for circle code and time period code
~ elestel (not on DA) for file list and folder info plugin
~ poiru [link] for his wi-fi code, for plugin QuotePluginS.dll and NowPlaying.dll plugin
~ chrfb [link] for ecqlipse_2 icons
~ Varelse [link] for inspiration in creating Text Clock (when i saw Seclorum Clock)
~ Reiswaffle [link] for Win7AudioPlugin plugin
~ maminscris [link] for Earthquake skin
Rainmeter Team for developing Rainmeter! awesome program!
Ascend4nt (not on site here) for _GuiBox udf
Nir Sofer for NirCmd Tool

Wallpaper in preview is unknown pls help me to identify)
...If i forgot someone please tell me
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(english | русский | українська | 中文)

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Does this till work with Rainmeter 3?
I saw you have some kind of "CMD line"? I'm looking for something like that, to run command line commands.
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